Shauna Gillentine
Health Consultant - Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

I was born in Portland, OR on November 10, 1968 - Yes, Marine Corps Birthday. I love sharing my birthday with the Marine Corps. My beloved husband (Jack) is a retired Army Major (22 years) and my incredibly gifted son (Reed) is currently in the Air Force.

I have inspired thousands (ah yes, it's into the 1,000s now) to love health and make it a priority worth every moment of their life. I have designed an 8-week (or 12-week) program that will push you outside of your comfort zone to force critical life changes.  During our consultation visit you'll tell me about the foods you're currently eating, the exercise you're currently doing and your sleep schedule and stress levels.  I want to know YOUR goals and then I will design your day.  What an honor it is to share this transformation journey with my clients. Try it and see what happens.

I have over 25 years coaching, exercise/training and nutritional experience. I am a practicing vegetarian but will gladly incorporate your favorite meat dishes (and make them healthier) as we explore the wonderful world of nutrition, exercise and life-balance, together. As an expert in all things HEALTH, I'm here to guide and coach you on the health-ride of your life. It will include a daily nutrition model, required exercise, homework, encouragement and a focus on a life of total engagement. READY?

Be your best you! Not in a hallmark way, but in a linebacker way!

Shauna G.