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Lose weight and keep it off!
Put an end to dieting!
Have more energy!
See muscle tone!
Fuel your workouts!
Learn ways of eating and exercising!
Get rid of cravings!
Manage a medical condition!
Gain control of your health!
Feel more confident and revive your sex life!
Finally make peace with your body and food!

Are you struggling to lose weight, define your body, find an exercise plan that works, manage a health condition, or figure out how your body responds to food?

Shauna offers a comprehensive plan that provides all the nutrition and exercise solutions you need.  Her 25 years of knowledge, training and experience enable her to give you customized nutrition and exercise guidance that meet all your goals and needs.

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Shauna Gillentine

Health Consultant - Personal Trainer & Nutritionist



8-Week Program of Health

You will get a personalized nutrition plan, counseling, customized fitness program, constant support, regular check-ins, and more. Your day will be designed with you in mind from wake-up to sundown. Let's meet for your consultation visit. It's free.

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12-Week Program of Health

Spend an extra 4 weeks with Shauna and learn even more about the healthiest you EVER! You can achieve the body that you want! ACT NOW! If you are ever to begin and get what you want, now is the time. Let's meet for your consultation visit. It's free.

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 Your knowledge and personality are amazing and are qualities that make you such a wonderful coach, mentor and nutritionist! You are an inspiration to me. I am so happy to have found you and thank you for making a difference in my life."

2018, L.W.

 This is just a small token of my appreciation for you! You are an absolute gift in my life. You are talented, smart, funny, caring, passionate and joyous. I am humbled and honored to be a part of your program."

2019, H.L.

 I don't know a single person that could EVER keep up with you during a workout. You are intense. I'm only 19 y/o and I just finished Marine Corps Basic Training and that wasn't even as tough as you. Thank you for helping me keep mentally alert."

2020, PFC M.


  • Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, TX, USA

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