Drawing from the Kitchen

Drawing from the Kitchen is an on-going live project which aims to ask about the nature of personal  exchange by making, giving and receiving artworks and the time needed to make them. The drawings below are being given away.

Together they represent a picture of a place over a period of about five years. They can be thought of as a study of home, a record of a period of time, as labour of the maker. They show an actual kitchen, the authors families kitchen, no frills, no re-arranging stuff for the viewer or the artefact. They have been made in between times, between lunch and the school run, between dinner and the bed time routine. What you see are incidental arrangements of objects most common to the functioning of a families life.

If you would like to have a drawing, click on it below and send me a message. No money required, give me something that you think would do.

I also ask that you allow me to visit you and your kitchen and draw for between two and four hours. You will have your chosen original drawing to keep; do what you like with it, revere it or dispose of it! The work that results from my visit will replace your one on this website and become available for another yet-to-be-known person to own. The one you have chosen will be digitally archived below.

Click on the picture you would like to have, scroll down, complete the from fields; click send .. I will get back to you.Thanks, David.


1. 20th March 13

2. 21st March 13

4. 4th April 13

5. 13th April 2013

7. 21st May 13

6. 29th April 13

8. 15th September 13

9. 29th Spetember 13

10. 17th October 13

11. 21st Oct and 10th and 11th Nov 13

12. 1st February 14

13. 16th December 14

14. 1st January 15

15. 2nd January 15

16. 4th and 5th January 15

17. 27th Jan and 3rd Feb 15

18. 6-9th Februry 15

19. 12th March 15


3. 24th March 13

20. 15th and 16th March 15